… or lack thereof…
I have been known, on occasion, to take pictures of events and people, in public places…
If you think you may be in one of my shots, possibly with a mouth-full of food, broccoli between your teeth or in the middle of a gigantic sneeze-attack, have no fear… I will edit you out, I promise (!) , because I wouldn’t feel comfortable publishing something another person might be embarrassed about. No worries, your unruly hairdo is safe with me 🙂
Unless, of course, we have a chance to review the material together and you indicate to me, you’re okay with it being used for a potential comedic blooper effect… Lord knows I have plenty of blooper type pics of my own, LOL.

It is my sincere hope that when you read my blog and look at my photographs, you can truly enjoy the content, the beauty of the images, scenes and landscapes, to get you as close to the action as possible. I’d like for you to get a sense of what it was like to be there, in the middle of a camp, a trail, a flower garden, surrounded by nature or sight-seeing in a big city. If I can bring a location closer to you by way of photography, I am in another fashion bringing you closer to that point of inspiration. Travel-Lust is contagious, after all…

Speaking of which, I have been criticized as of late for not carrying a large and proper camera with which to capture my images. I won’t exclude that possibility for the future, however, presently it’s just not my style. I’m quite fond of my Samsung S 5 phone, it has a lovely camera that does everything I need it to do. Honestly, the less stuff I carry, the less I can lose, LOL…

When I attended Tbex Europe in 2015 I realized also, that sometimes it’s less about the perfection of the photograph and more about the story. The fact that you are in a location and able to partake in a particular experience speaks volumes more than a picture by itself ever could, contrary to the old adage ” A picture is worth a thousand words”. By the way, Tweeters and Instagrammers, why post  a gorgeous image and not share where it was taken??? What is that all about, I WONDER??? In my opinion you should always add a location tag. Just because. Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

Also, I don’t believe in adjusting my pictures or adding filters. I may zoom and crop at times, but the coloring and details will be exactly as they appeared at the time the shot was taken. Opinions on this subject vary widely across the field. My Norwegian blogger friend Veronika Stuksrud from the popular site http://www.activeandadventurous.com explained to me why it may be necessary or beneficial to enhance a given photograph, I understand and I won’t judge… it’s just not for me.

What sort of a camera do you carry? Or don’t you?

Do you always add location tags to your posts? Are you curious when someone does not?

How do you feel about using filters?

#photography #SamsungS5 #travel



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