Quick Intro :

My name is Christine, I am a mother of 2 delightfully talented children ( Yes, they will be reading this ) , born and raised in Germany, have lived in the US for more than half my life (you may guess at numbers, if you so desire) , have enjoyed a job I absolutely love and adore (which has nothing at all to do with travelling) for nearly 22 years, love gardening, reading, catching a show, and meeting amazing people, wherever they may be, have so far travelled on 2 continents, but fully intend to expand my horizon, have a long “bucket list”, steadily checking off items (and then adding more when no one’s looking), and here’s the inevitable “fair warning” for all of my Facebook friends, there may come a day that I shall visit you (upon proper invitation, of course) regardless of the continent you reside on.

Geesh,,, we may just have broken a record for longest sentence ever…

Well, suffice it to say, if you enjoy flowers, nature trails, mountains, beach, travel with kids or without, with dog or without, budget or the occasional splurge (Thank Goodness for hotel loyalty programs 🙂 ) , you may find something of interest to you which may peak your appetite for travel. If so, I welcome you to return as many times as you like. … And bring a friend or two…

Yours truly,

Christine Williams


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